2017-04-10 | BART BUDWIG (US)


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One has to wonder; what is a twenty-something, jazz trumpet-playing, Wes Anderson movie-loving, ex-Certified Nursing Assistant who literally lives backstage in one of America’s longest-running theaters doing writing an album that would’ve sounded more at home in 1970’s Texas? Fortunately, Bart Budwig is a man who would rather ask good questions than give bad answers. In the same way that Willie and Waylon were rebelling against ‘the machine,’ the above begins to make sense when considering the Oregonian songwriter’s authenticity as a fellow outlaw. Press: "Budwig’s forthcoming single release “Damn Good Start” is a wonderful bit of insurgent country, featuring tasteful guitar licks, parlor piano, and Budwig’s lackadaisical vocal delivery." - Oregon Public Broadcasting (2016) "His new exceptionally well written single “Damn Good Start” would find friendship on the Opry stage, a song dealing with life and balance masked as a tale of a gambler. Which is a great analogy for such everyday matters. Career, family and the in-between, life is a never-ending gamble, it’s all in how you play your cards. File Bart Budwig under ‘Real Country’." - Global Texan Chronicle (2016)

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10.04.2017 / 20:45 Uhr

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