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Ed Prosek has big plans in 2019 and his million-strong, ever-growing fanbase confirms his status as a not-so-hidden-gem songwriter of immense talent.

Berlin-based Ed is rocketing from underground sensation to fully-fledged star at a staggering rate. His songs have been streamed over 7 million times between January and April – already more than half of last year’s total – with over a million listeners on Spotify alone. His live shows are astonishingly intimate, pulling audiences close and thrilling them with his heartfelt performances.

His songs dig into deep emotions that we all feel, sailing effortlessly between love, loss, hope and hurt – all wrapped up in the silky, bittersweet songwriting that is his hallmark. His first two releases in 2019, Wisdom and So Beautiful, are taken from forthcoming EP Light As A Feather and showcase his innate ability to write simple songs that cut to the centre of the emotions that make us human.

Ed’s skill lies in blending what he learnt at the prestigious San Francisco Conservatory of Music with his innate ability to craft beautiful songs that pierce straight to the heart. To Ed, songwriting is an opportunity to explore raw feelings in a beautiful way: “I’ve had quite a few life-altering epiphanies while writing and this song is a perfect example of that. For me, songwriting is this incredible way to tap into the things you’re too afraid to say to yourself and to help reflect on why you might feel them in the first place. “I’m a very happy, upbeat person – despite the fact that I’m almost always singing about sad things!”

2019 has plenty to come for his huge, loyal fanbase. The forthcoming EP, Light As A Feather, will be released at the end of May, and is accompanied by an EP launch gig at Maschinenhaus in Berlin on Thursday June 13th. A second wave of singles precede another EP in the latter half of 2019. (Tickets:

Ed’s last single, Wisdom, was featured Spotify’s editorial Your Coffee Break playlist (430k followers) on various official Apple Music Best of the Week playlists around the world. It premiered on Clash and quickly gained more praise from key tastemaking site Earmilk who gushed over its, “graceful beauty with stirring moments of sensitivity and vulnerability.”

Says Ed: “If last year I could be accused of starving my listeners of new music, then this year I hope to do my best to drown them in as much new material as possible!
Ed’s initial releases made him something of an Indie darling, with his two #1 singles on Hype Machine powered by swooning reviews from seasoned talent-spotters like I Heart Moosiq, Sunset In The Rearview, and Indietronica. More recently, tastemakers Indie Shuffle, Earmilk, Clash and Louder Than War have lavished him with praise.

Clash: “To stay Ed Prosek excelled in 2018 is a bit of an under-statement… [Wisdom] is a beautifully rendered achievement, subtle in its poetry while remaining striking in its execution.”
Earmilk: Wisdom has “a graceful beauty with stirring moments of sensitivity and vulnerability.”
Louder Than War: “a classic, yet far from typical singer-songwriter.”
I Heart Moosiq: “Ed carries hearts away soaring into the sky with such magnificent splendor.”
Earmilk: “Ed Prosek’s music has shown exponential growth as an artist; not only evident in his ever- growing fan base but also the challenges he’s taking on as a musician.”
Indietronica: “Prosek has an innate ability to create explorative songs with honest vocals and intimate lyrics… a sweet glimmer of sounds reminiscent of Frightened Rabbit, which will undoubtedly bring a tear to your eyes.”





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